Wheel Voices: Tune In!

Wheels are still in motion… Realwheels’ community artists have been creating original scene work, monologues, rap, spoken word, and choral pieces, integrating musical elements mixed together to create mash-up compositions that support stories rooted in the disability experience.

Supported by a diverse artistic team including Shawn Macdonald (facilitator/ direction),
Caitriona Murphy (musical director), Mark Ash (arrangements) and Kristina Shelden
(lyric & performance support), Wheel Voices: Tune In was scheduled for production in May 2020. 

Due to the pandemic, this lively community-engaged production is in process of being rescheduled for the 2020-2021 season. We offer a glimpse with this Zoom rendition of GIMP NATION by Andrew Vallance. 

GIMP NATION features eight performers.
It’s angry, passionate and anthemic; a proud vent from a community demanding to be heard,
to be seen, to be felt.

Watch below:



Amy Amantea
Jochen Biertumpel
James Brown
Emily Grace Brook*
Amelia Cooper*
Kristy Kassie
Greg “Spokes” Labine
Sharon Liu
Laura Mackenrot*
Caspar Ryan*
Kristina Shelden*
Dave Symington*
Andrew Vallance*
Brandon Wilkinson*

*Denotes performing in GIMP NATION


Shawn Macdonald – Head Facilitator/Direction
Caitriona Murphy – Musical Director
Mark Ash – Music Composition & Performance
DB Boyko – Choral Work Collaborator
Greg Labine – Rap Composition & Performance
Kristina Shelden – Lyric-Writing & Performance
Dave Symington – Percussion (drums) & Performance
Catherine E. Lee – Choreographer
Hannah Case – Costume Design
Jayson McLean – Production Manager/Set Design
Rena Cohen – Artistic Director
Cadence Konopaki – Producer
Valentina Forte – Technical Support/Videographer
Xin Xuan Song – Stage Management & Technical Coordinator
Jessica Keenan – Stage Management
Amanda Parafina – Stage Management
Lindsey Adams – Communications
Teresa Trovato – Publicist

We gratefully acknowledge our funders & sponsors:

Logos for Canada Council for the Arts, City of Vancouver, Disability Alliance BC, BC Gaming