Wheel Voices: Tune In!

Wheels are still in motion… Realwheels’ community artists have been creating original scene work, monologues, rap, spoken word, and choral pieces, integrating musical elements mixed together to create mash-up compositions that support stories rooted in the disability experience!


Wheel Voices: Tune In was scheduled for production in May 2020.
Due to the pandemic, this production is being rescheduled for the 2020-2021 season. We offer a glimpse with this Zoom-recorded rendition of GIMP NATION by Andrew Vallance.

GIMP NATION features eight performers:

  • Emily Grace Brook
  • Amelia Cooper
  • Laura Mackenrot
  • Caspar Ryan
  • Kristina Shelden
  • Dave Symington
  • Andrew Vallance
  • Brandon Wilkinson

It’s angry, passionate & anthemic; a proud vent from a community demanding to be heard, to be seen, to be felt. Watch below:



Thank you to Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture for inviting us to be part of their digital festival, STILL, LIFE (May 31 – June 06, 2020). This festival celebrated AccessAbility Week with a week-long schedule to honour the contributions to Canadian society by artists with disabilities.  Be sure to check out all the other featured artists that participated: STILL, LIFE: A DIGITAL FESTIVAL.


Black and white photo of Shawn MacDonald, Wheel Voices Tune In Facilitator.
Wheel Voices: Tune In! Facilitator Shawn MacDonald

Shawn MacDonald is an actor, playwright, and director with over 30 years of professional theatre experience. Shawn is facilitating the creation of Wheel Voices: Tune In! in partnership with the community.








We gratefully acknowledge our funders & sponsors:

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