Cast of SexyVoices: A Burlesque Theatre Cabaret. [Photo credit: Tim Matheson]

Wheel Voices

Realwheels unites professional artists with the community of people with disabilities for a series of workshops, culminating in a live performance. We explore stories through theatre, music, visual arts and dance, and often have talented guests who help us develop our craft. Through Wheel Voices, we nurture and develop emerging artists in the disability community.

Two of the 16 cast members in Comedy on Wheels (2016), Art Jonker (left) and Amy Amantea (right). Art and Amy shine in the spotlight, Art uses a power wheelchair and Amy holds a white cane.
Art Jonker and Amy Amantea on stage in Comedy on Wheels. [Photo credit: Tim Matheson]
Wheel Voices projects:

Throughout the workshop and rehearsal process, participants develop skills in the performing arts, improve personal communication skills, and enjoy invaluable social interactions.

We welcome everyone who wishes to be part of the process. 

* No experience necessary and workshops are fully subsidized. *

Realwheels proudly incorporates mentorships for people with disabilities in all of our programming.

To inquire about participating in the next Wheel Voices, contact:

Join us – on stage – in the digital sphere – on screen – in the audience!