Wheel Voices Power Play

WHEEL VOICES POWER PLAY: An Interactive Theatre Experience was presented at the
ANNEX Theatre for a one-night audience-interactive event on June 08, 2018.

What a great way to initiate dialogue into issues we sometimes think are taboo.
– Audience Member

WHEEL VOICES POWER PLAY was structured as a six-day workshop intensive based on Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed methodology facilitated by Tom Scholte, and led by a team of Deaf performers and performers with disabilities. This process was rooted in the eagerness to scrutinize and challenge questions of identity and marginalization.

The public sharing showcased real-life scenarios experienced by performers who live with disability and/or Deafness and invited audience members to come up onstage to offer alternatives for making social change and affecting social justice. This was empowering and entertaining for the performers and audience alike!

WHEEL VOICES POWER PLAY is an example of theatre for dialogue creation and conflict resolution; theatre for community healing and empowerment.

A group photo of thirteen participants of Wheel Voices Power Play. Some individuals use mobility devices.
Participants of Wheel Voices Power Play

Amy Amantea
Paul Beckett
A.J. Brown
James Brown
Simran Gill
Blyth Grimmett
Nirmala Hickey
Landon Krentz
Janice Laurence
Caspar Ryan
Ashley Shwartz
Andrew Vallance
Brandon Wilkinson

Tom Scholte – Facilitator & “Joker”
Kathleen Gordon – Production Assistant

For Realwheels:
Rena Cohen – Managing Artistic Director
Lindsey Adams – Communications Director

Special Thanks: ANNEX Theatre, G.F. Strong, John Endo Greenaway (Graphic Design), Laura Mackenrot, SCI BC, Kevin de la Paz (Videography), Levi Pease (Theatre Technician- ANNEX), Caspar Ryan (Videography), Kazuho Yamamoto (Booking & Event Coordinator- ANNEX).

We gratefully acknowledge our funders and sponsors:
Logos for BC Gaming, BC Arts Council, City of Vancouver Cultural Services, The Leonard Foundation, The Hamber Foundation, and Slater Vecchio LLP.