Super Voices

Super Voices, a community-based, multimedia performance featuring the stories of Vancouver’s disability community, was presented June 12 – 13, 2015 at the Roundhouse Performance Space.

Superpowers aren’t just for comic book heroes anymore
~ Metro News

Super Voices was conceived in September 2013 when members of the disability community shared their own personal, key experiences that contributed to the foundation of their identities. A series of skill-building performing arts workshops revealed that people with disabilities possess incredible “superpowers” such as superhuman patience, compassion and alternate modes of communication.

View the Super Voices trailer below to get a feel for the final performance!

Videography: Caspar Ryan Film

In a fun and refreshing way, Super Voices moved beyond the typifying of people with disabilities as objects of pity or mere sources of inspiration. Clichés were deconstructed so that the true ‘superpowers’ of this community could be examined in a lively, comedic way.

Click below to watch Rena Cohen and Caspar Ryan chat about Super Voices on the Global Noon News Hour.

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