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Playwriting Circle

Register now for our Fall Playwriting Circle!

Our popular Playwriting Circle consists of online sessions that lead participants through the playwriting process with a focus on story, dramatic action, character and dialogue. A facilitator/ dramaturg will assist these sessions and participants will regularly share their writing and receive ongoing feedback and support in preparation for a public reading (online) with professional actors.

This program is offered free of cost to beginning and emerging playwrights (or writers who would like to transition into playwriting) who self-identify with disability.

While the Playwriting Circle is open to all Canadian residents, priority will be given to those living in B.C. 

Here is what our past Playwriting Circle Participants had to say!

Emily Brook: “I discovered that as long as you focus, trust the process and whoever your partner is at any given moment you can’t really lose.”

Ebony Gooden: Ebony believes it is important to create a safe space for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) Deaf artists in Calgary in order to grow a thriving community.

Emma Kivisild: “I love working with other artists with disabilities, and presenting the realities of our lives.”

Sam MacPhee-Pitcher: “Hearing the works of others and imagining the staging potential is one of the greatest joys of each session.”

Alex Masse:  “One thing I’ve really come to admire is the sheer scale that theatre allows. All of these stories, wherever they are, however “big” or “small” their scale may seem, can be told enchantingly through theatre.”

Gaitrie Persaud: “I enjoyed analyzing the script and listening to amazing writers’ perspectives and feedback.”

Seeley Quest: “I’d love to connect with potential performers and production team people interested in working together to move modeling toward staging.” 

Fiona Smith: “I love hearing/seeing/experiencing the development of my colleague’s scripts each week – there is some cool stuff happening in this group!”

Jennifer Strong: “This class has provided a wonderful platform from which to explore playwriting.”

Victoria Urquhart: “Knowing that my work doesn’t have to be about disability in order for it to be strong as a “disabled perspective” has helped me to find my voice in a lot of ways.”