Graphic design: John Endo Greenaway

Act of Faith

The world premiere of Act of Faith, a new play by one of Canada’s foremost playwrights Janet Munsil, was presented by The Cultch Historic Theatre April 11 – 20, 2019.


“Just because you don’t believe something doesn’t mean it isn’t true”


An inexplicable recovery changes the lives of a community. After years living with paraplegia, Faith can suddenly walk, and believes she has been healed by a miracle. But, what about those closest to her? What about her friends and family? What happens when everything we believe to be true about ourselves, or those closest to us, is challenged by new information? A new play inspired in part by the true story of the mysterious recovery by a young Vancouver woman who lived with paraplegia for 13 years, Act of Faith asks, if you aren’t religious, can you still believe in a miracle?

Act of Faith featured a mixed-ability cast, and explored wheelchair movement in unique, never before seen ways. With a cast of some of Vancouver’s most exciting performers, this new play explored the mystery—and controversy—of faith-based healing, and the consequences of a life-changing transformation.


Faith: Danielle Klaudt
Jess: Emily Grace Brook
Gloria/various: Tanja Dixon-Warren
Damon/various: Mason Temple
Raff/various: Raugi Yu
Maureen/various: Harmanie Taylor
Worshipper/various: Janice Laurence

Playwright: Janet Munsil
Director: Rena Cohen
Directing Mentee: Caspar Ryan
Set & Props Design: David Roberts
Costumes Design: Christopher David Gauthier
Lighting Design: Michael Hewitt
Sound Design: Matthias Falvai
Choreography: Carolina Bergonzoni
Assistant Choreography: Silene Razo
Dance Captain: Harmanie Taylor
Videography/Slide Show Design: Caspar Ryan
Dramaturge: Jennifer Boyes-Manseau
Producer: Allyson McGrane
Co-Producer: Lindsey Adams
Associate Producer: Jayson McLean
Stage Manager: Michael Brooks
Asst. Stage Manager: Yeon Kyeom (Jenny) Kim


Click below to check out a short video capturing the residency held at The Cultch in July 2017, where we explored wheelchair dance and movement.

Featured in video:
Playwright: Janet Munsil
Director: Rena Cohen
Dramaturge: Jennifer Boyes-Manseau
Choreographer: Carolina Bergonzoni
Choreography Mentee: Sarah Lapp

Videography: Caspar Ryan Film