Bold black text reads: “James Brown Memorial Creativity Fund”. A photo of James Brown holding a mic rests on the right and above, there are two other photos including James from past Realwheels shows. Organic swirls and circles in shades of blue and yellow decorate the sides and centre.

James Brown Memorial Creativity Fund

As part of our 20th Anniversary Season Launch, we’re thrilled to announce the creation of the
James Brown Memorial Creativity Fund

James was a community member who participated in several Realwheels Community Productions, such as Comedy on Wheels, Wheels Voices Power Play, and Wheel Voices: Tune In. He passed away in April 2022.

James’ sister Borja says:

In Realwheels, James found a community he could genuinely be a part of.  James, who had always kept himself as small as possible (and he was over 6 feet tall), found acceptance for who he was. I think it was probably the first time in his life that he believed that he was enough, that he wasn’t ‘other’. Through the workshops and development work he participated in, he discovered his creativity, and his own voice. With the encouragement and support of this community he developed courage and the confidence within himself, not just to carry on conversations, but to perform –  in public!

In the video below from Wheel Voices Power Play, back in 2018, James himself provides a quick testimonial (at the 1:15 minute mark).

From James’ estate, the Brown Family has generously donated $15,000 to Realwheels, and it is with excitement and honour that we are using it to build the James Brown Memorial Creativity Fund. These funds will be used to develop new work by artists with disabilities – new scripts and new community shows. Each year, we’ll launch a fundraising campaign to keep this fund growing and James’ legacy alive.

Borja adds:

“…our family felt the best way to honour James was through this legacy gift. We know that he loved this company, these funds are from him. I know he would be both humbled and thrilled to know that he is making a lasting impact in a space that had such a profound impact on him.  I encourage you to join James in that generosity if you are able. On behalf of our whole family, Thank you.

As of September 15th, we’re launching a matching campaign to grow this fund.
Please follow the link below to make your donation now!
Our goal is to double this amount with individual donations by December 15th, 2023.