Sponsors & Supporters

Realwheels would like to acknowledge those who make our journey in the process from creation
to ‘live on stage’ attainable.


Government Support
Province of BC
Canada Council for the Arts
BC Arts Council
City of Vancouver

Sponsors & Foundations
TD Canada
Disability Alliance BC
Recreation Foundation BC
Vancouver Foundation

Individual Donors
Patti Allan
Amy Amantea
Yuri Arajs
Jeffrey Balin
Alfiya Battalova
Halidor Bjarnason
Genevieve Bourdages
Leslie Brown
Leena Chen
Diane Clairmont
Paula & Avrahm Cohen
Peggi Cohen
Rena Cohen
Valerie Duma
Borja Fisher-Brown
Jane / Robert Flick / Heidbreder
Monica Gartner
Pam Horton
Sharon Kahn
David Kandestin
Margo Kane
Steph Kirkland
Henriette Koning
Jean-Pierre Labbe
Greg Labine
Gisa Laslo
Eric Li
Glenda Mindlin
Jeanne Morton
Janet Munsil
Maya Pankalla
David Roche
Sunny Rothschild
James Sanders
Alvin Schrader
Xin Xuan Song
Sydney Spraggs
Alisa Streat
Keir Vallance
Anthony Vecchio
Elizabeth Vreede
Peter Wing


Our thanks and appreciation go out to our supporters!