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Integrating Disability – On and Off Stage

Realwheels Theatre creates and produces performances that deepen understanding of the disability experience. We tell stories in which disability itself is not the focus of conflict, but rather forms the landscape upon which universal issues are debated onstage.

Our vision is full inclusion and integration of disability both on – and off – Canadian stages; a barrier-free, diverse performing arts world that reflects the real world and all of its people.

We’re also creating opportunities for a new generation of artists with disabilities to participate in the performing arts through our Acting Academy and Wheel Voices projects.

Keep scrolling down! We invite you to connect with us through the opportunities listed below!

What's New?

We’re Hiring!

The Acting Academy Manager will oversee our training program customized to persons living with disability.

Board Recruitment

We are seeking board members who are passionate about the performing arts, or disability advocacy or better still, both!

We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for a creative and energetic individual to enhance our marketing efforts, primarily in the digital realm.